Instant Access Masterclass for Female Coaches, Consultants & Creatives

"Non-Sleazy DMs"

The Essentials of LinkedIn Messaging for Women Who Want to Sell with Soul and not Sleaze

The biggest mistake female entrepreneurs make costing 
them clients & sales is never learning how to social sell...

LinkedIn is the world's #1 business platform. 
If your LinkedIn inbox isn't buzzing with inquiries to collaborate, partner up, 
or explore new opportunities, your approach needs a serious makeover.

Forget the noise about posting content and chasing vanity metrics. 

The real game changer lies in your DMs - the true measure of ROI.

Let's face it: vanity metrics won't pay the bills. 

If you're not sparking conversations in the DMs, 
you're wasting precious time on LinkedIn.

I've witnessed it firsthand—amazing women spinning their wheels for years, 
posting without progress. Don't fall for the myth that content alone can bring in clients.

With over a billion users on LinkedIn, you need that wow-factor to stand out.
Mastering the art of impactful DMs is your ticket to success. 

Let's transform your LinkedIn game and unlock a world of opportunities! 💃🏻✨

"I attended Jen's "Non Sleazy DMs workshop" and it was packed full with information, great insights and examples. We then received a set of really useful templates that make it really easy to customize and get into action! I really loved Jen's energy, her knowledge, enthusiasm and generosity!"

Maria Arredondo - Business and Mindset Coach

  • ​The 6 most common DM mistakes
  • ​The do's and don'ts of LinkedIn DMs
  • ​Real examples of bad and good DMs
  • ​Whether you need to personalise your connection requests
  • ​How to touch base with existing connections
  • ​What does giving 'value' in the DMs even mean?
  • ​How to navigate and manage your inbox 
  • ​How to keep track of great conversations / connections
  • The 'Doctor Method' which leads to real results
  • ​How to build your network for warm outreach

  • ​You're nervous and second guess yourself when sending DMs or connection requests.
  • ​You're tired of sending DMs that fall flat, leaving you with crickets instead of clients.
  • ​You're not sure how to convert engagement into paying clients.
  • ​You're not sure how to create leads once the initial connection is made.
  • You don't want to sound too personal, pushy, vague or 'salesy' in DMs.
  • ​You're reluctant to send messages to people you don't know.
  • ​You want to build closer relationships with people you meet in real life.
  • ​You're sick of wasting time and energy on the wrong people and feeling burned out.
  • ​You're done with boring pre-recorded courses and want something that feels live with Q&A!
"Jen helped me with LinkedIn Direct Messaging. And was a whizz. It was a packed session and I'm pleased to have the replay to keep me focused. What a lovely bonus! Thank you Jen, you're a generous spirit."

 Clare Morris - Business Coach


  • ​A POWERFUL LinkedIn DM Strategy aka 'The Doctor Method' which will completely transform and supercharge your results.
  • REAL-LIFE EXAMPLES of good and bad DMs empowering you to fine-tune your messaging and elevate your game.
  • ​READY-TO-USE TEMPLATES - if you struggle with what to say I've got you! I'll be sharing some valuable templates which will kickstart your conversations.
  • ​BONUS TIPS ON LINKEDIN EVENTS - LinkedIn Events are a goldmine for lead generation and the quickest way I generate leads for myself and clients - if you're struggling with building the right audience for your offer this will really help you.
"The non sleazy DM workshop with Jen was one of the best and most informative I’ve joined in a long time. It was packed with useful tips and information and she didn’t waste any of the time, she just got straight to what we were all there for, so refreshing! Highly recommend!!"

Angela Wilkins-Green - Mindset Coach
Hi, I’m Jen!  I'm on a mission to help courageous female coaches, consultants, and creative service-based business owners like you to grow your business with qualified clients through LinkedIn.

As a LinkedIn Consultant / Trainer, I've proudly supported over 700+ female entrepreneurs in the past 7 years, guiding them to realise their business dreams. My secret sauce? The transformative power of my proven 4-stage PACT™ framework, designed to super boost your LinkedIn success!

At the heart of everything I do, lies a deep commitment to connection.  I firmly believe that genuine connections are the cornerstone of leveraging LinkedIn for business growth. 

And the key?  Mastering the art of DMs — the unsung hero of LinkedIn success.

I skyrocketed my career using LinkedIn long before I ever posted content. Back in my corporate days, I clinched the title of the most networked PA in London solely through a strategic profile and DM connection strategy. 

Fast forward, I even outranked Obama's PA and supermodel David Gandy's assistant online!

So, if you're ready to ditch the noise and hype from the 'content gurus' and unlock the untapped potential of LinkedIn DMs, I'm here to show you the way. 

Why listen to me?  I was voted the #1 Most Trusted Marketing Consultant in the UK by Enterprise Nation.

Let's make meaningful connections and skyrocket your business growth — all through the power of LinkedIn DMs.  

Trust me, the magic is in your untapped inbox!

"What I LOVE about Jen’s sessions are the amount of tangible takeaways I always come away with. Having instant actionable things to implement mean that I am able to instantly feel the rewards from not only the financial investment but the time investment in her sessions. Another bonus is her engaging, no nonsense presentation style, keeping me engaged and as someone with a very short attention span, this is no mean feat! Thanks Jen for constantly inspiring me to maximise the power of LinkedIn!"

Sarah Jepson - Founder of Six Degrees Community

Frequently Asked Questions...
How long is this instant access masterclass?
This is a recording of a live masterclass - it's a 100 minute deep dive intensive with bonus DM templates.

Who is this instant access masterclass for? 
The focus of this masterclass is for female coaches, consultants and service based creatives who are trying to get premium leads and clients from LinkedIn. It will especially benefit introverts, empaths and HSPs.

Will you be answering questions during this masterclass?
Yes! There are questions throughout the session and I'm sharing the chat with you. 

Do I need to have a Premium LinkedIn Account to get value from this masterclass?
This masterclass is suitable for everyone whether you're on the free version, premium or sales navigator.

How long will it take to see results?
LinkedIn is the world's #1 business network.  If you follow my advice and take action, you can expect to see some good traction in 1-2 months.  If you do absolutely nothing, you won't see any results.

Do you offer refunds?
No - I've spent years and 1000+ hours honing my LinkedIn social selling skills, so you don't have to.
This masterclass is an absolute steal and I should be charging a lot more for it.

How come the masterclass is £97 when a lot of LinkedIn courses are £497, £797 or even £1,497+?
I want to make the training easy and accessible so am hosting it on Zoom versus a fancy training platform.

Will I receive an invoice or payment confirmation?
You will receive a payment notification email from Stripe once you book in.  

Still have questions? Email:


If you're not getting leads or know how to sell you're going to risk having to go back to paid employment and giving up your business. I know you don't want this to happen and neither do I.  It's time for you to say bye to icky, cold spammy DMs and hello to warm outreach and getting in flow in your business!

If you've been spinning your wheels for months or years and getting nowhere... doesn't it make sense to try a different approach?

"I have had several occasions to work with Jen and each time I am left with simple, straight forward and easy to implement instructions and pointers on how to better my LinkedIn presence. Her knowledge and understanding of what's important around LinkedIn is invaluable, and I recommend her guidance to anyone who is not a LinkedIn pro themselves!"

Nicole Peterhans - Energy Alignment and Mindset Coach
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