Tired of the low organic reach on other platforms?

Not into dancing and pointing on reels?

Want to focus more on relationship building 
rather than entertaining followers? 

Let’s Maximise Your LinkedIn Profile Workshop with Jen Corcoran
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Did you know that by optimising your profile you’ll appear in 40% more searches?!?!

Think about that! Where else can one social profile boost your visibility by 40%?!?

With 830+ million members on LinkedIn you need to have that wow-factor 
to be found and create a better first impression.

Maximising your profile is that WOW-factor!! 💃🏻

Listen up, because I’m going to tell you what you’ve been missing …

LinkedIn isn’t just an online job board or a virtual resume anymore. It is a powerful place for connecting with potential clients or referral partners. 

Sorry to burst your bubble but NO ONE CARES about all your past jobs and experience …. unless it’s relevant to what you’re currently doing. So rest easy, you don’t need to go back years and list all those past positions to bring your profile up to date. 

If you want to be found by your ideal clients then you need to maximise your profile. Without this, you’re doing yourself and your business a disservice. 

Try thinking of your About section as a mini-landing page on LinkedIn. You have 2,600 characters that you can use however you like … let’s make them count! 

 “Thank you Jen for teaching me how to set up my LinkedIn profile in the most effective way. 
I'm so very grateful to have been able to attend your super helpful and informative zoom 
"Let's Maximise Your Profile Workshop." 

I feel so much more confident in what to add to my profile and all of the sections. Thank you for providing a super detailed Checklist so I can ensure that I'm including all of the pertinent information about myself and my business. I especially loved the "insider scoop" that you shared about the photos, social selling score, and the services! Top-notch attention and customer service as well."

 Denise Morrison - Transformational Health & Life Coach
Let's Maximise Your LinkedIn Profile!

Juicy things you’re going to learn: 

- How to build a lead-generating LinkedIn profile that works for you

- Why sending 1000 DM requests isn’t going to get you more clients faster

- The link between your website and LinkedIn (and why this is important for your sales)

- Why your content strategy isn’t working and how to get organic reach on LinkedIn

- How to use the featured section of the profile to capture your reader's attention

- And SO much more….

Bonus: LinkedIn Profile Success Checklist (print this off as you work through your profile audit so you know exactly where you’re at in your profile makeover)

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
 “One look at this checklist and I thought this is EXACTLY what I’ve been wanting for LinkedIn! 

Something so simple, no fluff, straight to the point of what I have and what I need to update. I don’t need to watch more videos on YouTube. I want to know what to do and this checklist gives it to me. 

Direct and concise - that’s my kind of resource!” 

 Kristen Westcott - Sales Page Copywriter
This is how it's all going to come together...

I’ll be doing a live audit of my LinkedIn profile from top to bottom and talking about the core, recommended and additional features of the profile. 

But you want to know the BEST part of this workshop?

The interactive Q & A. 

This is your chance to ASK ME ANYTHING about using LinkedIn for generating leads. 

This isn’t another slide deck presentation and it’s definitely not a webinar … this is a workshop where we interact and I answer all of your LinkedIn profile questions! 

This is for you IF:

-> You are past “trying to figure LinkedIn out” all on your own. 

-> You are ready to commit to using LinkedIn for finding new clients. 

-> You are ready to save time and learn how to best use LinkedIn to grow your sales. 

Then, it’s time to get your profile set up for success and working for you!

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
 “I have been on LinkedIn for a few years but never really paid much attention to my profile.

I have been following Jen and I saw a post on her course: 'Let's Maximise Your Profile'. It was in the evening and there would be a playback. So I signed up.  It was really informative, I learnt so much and I have taken action. After the course a link was sent of the replay and a really useful PDF checklist.

Jen is super helpful and answered all our questions.  I would highly recommend this course. Thanks Jen!"

 Angela Lyons - Freelance Graphic Designer
Hi, I’m Jen! LinkedIn Trainer and recipient of the Global Super Achiever award from Pitman Training (a company well known in the UK for its excellence in training trainers).  In the past 5 years I’ve helped thousands of people in using LinkedIn to support their business and career goals. In an age where technology has created so many automation features, I believe that building human relationships will outperform any technological advances. 

My mission is to help female coaches, consultants, and trainers to “toot their horns” on LinkedIn.  I help entrepreneurs get more confident on LinkedIn by teaching them how to super boost their LinkedIn profiles, make genuine connections and attract clients using my 4-stage PACT framework. 

One of my core values is connection and I deeply believe that is the key to using LinkedIn to support your business growth. And that starts with the foundation: your profile.

I get asked time and time again “Jen why am I not getting quality leads on LinkedIn” and every time my answer is to look back at their profile. It all starts with the profile. If you want sales or leads … 
you need to have a strong profile.

I know it’s not the sexy answer … but it’s the needle-mover in your business! If it’s not set up properly, then all the other work you’re doing won't get you the sales you desire

Ready to get those leads rolling in? 

Let's Maximise Your LinkedIn Profile

 “I attended Jen’s Maximise Your Profile Workshop which was packed full of great information. 
I had no idea the LinkedIn profile could be so powerful and useful. 

Or that you could record a short welcome video for visitors to your profile, and it was really beneficial to learn how to more effectively use each of the various profile sections. Her Profile Success Checklist is a really helpful guide as well.  I’ll be making sure my profile is kept up-to-date from now on!” 

 Linda Binns - Energy Coach for HSPs & Empaths
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
When is the next workshop?

It's on Wednesday, June 15th at 12.30pm UK time.  On sign up you'll receive an email with the zoom link and again on the morning of June 15th.  Not sure what time this is for your time zone - check out this link: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com

How long is the workshop for?

It's a 75 minute deep dive intensive.  I'm all about quick wins for my clients! 

Is this just for entrepreneurs? 

Nope executives will get just as much out of this too! Your profile is the place to showcase your brilliance whether you’re building your business or career.

Are spaces limited? How often do you run these workshops?

There are 100 zoom spaces available.  I run these workshops on a bi-monthly basis. 

Is LinkedIn just a B2B platform? 

Absolutely not! If you’re posting content you can find your audience on this platform. It’s actually a great place for creatives as well. While other platforms can be saturated, you can really get noticed on LinkedIn. And LinkedIn B2B users are also people outside of their business who need support in other areas of their lives 😉. Build a relationship and nurture them through your content and LinkedIn works for B2C as well! 

But I’m a local service provider - how will LinkedIn help? 

Your LinkedIn profile is like a 2nd website. You’ll want to make sure it’s optimised and branded. Because, if you don’t brand it they won't click over to your beautifully branded, perfectly copywritten website! Here’s a hint … you can use the amazing copy from your website on your LinkedIn … join the workshop and I’ll show you how!  

Will there be a recording? 

Yes! You’ll have access to the recording for 30 days after the workshop.

Do I need a website before I take this workshop? 

Not at all. If you’re new to business and don’t have a website then your LinkedIn profile IS your website for now. This workshop will show you how to set up your profile to function as a mini-landing page where your potential clients can find out all about you and your services!

Note: The workshop fee is non-refundable. If you are unable to attend live, you will have access to the recording and all workshop materials. 

Disclaimer: Participating in this workshop will not guarantee leads or clients, however by maximising your profile you will appear in 40% more searches and have the competitive edge over others who are not invested in their profiles. 

Still have questions? Email: jennifer@mysuperconnector.co.uk

  "Jen is my 'go to' person for all things LinkedIn.  
I caught up on the 'Let's Maximise Your Profile' session replay and this was such a useful session.  

I learned so many new things including how to adjust my profile to make it a true reflection of my business while making best use of the LI features available. Jen offers so much sensible information on the do's and don't's of LinkedIn that have saved me so much time.  

If you're an entrepreneur, stop missing out - start standing out today."

 Helen Monument - Trainer & Coach for Administrative Professionals
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