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Get a Steady Stream of Qualified Ideal Leads 
with an Irresistible LinkedIn Profile

Turn your LinkedIn Profile into your MOST POWERFUL SALES PAGE


  • ​A POWERFUL revamped LinkedIn Profile which will attract a steady stream of the right leads - perfect for introverted, empathic and highly sensitive female business owners who want to go deep versus wide.
  • ​FRESH LinkedIn profile updates and strategies for the business woman who is past “trying to figure LinkedIn out” all on your own (on Google or YouTube), including the tech and latest updates.
  • ​INCREASED VISIBILITY - Did you know that by optimising your profile you’ll appear in 40% more searches?!?  Think about that! Where else can one social profile boost your visibility by 40%?!?  
  • ​YOUR ONE STOP SHOP FOR MARKETING - Your profile has the power to generate qualified leads, to book appointments, to build your personal brand and to launch or relaunch a business.
 "I felt crystal clear on what to do and how to do it. I also felt empowered to make those changes. And once I'd made them?  I feel proud of my profile and am much more confident interacting on LinkedIn!"

Tilly Lander Williams - Copywriter and Case Study Expert

Ready to get those leads rolling in? 

With 900+ million members on LinkedIn you need to have that wow-factor 
to be found by your ideal client and create a better first impression.

Maximising your profile is that WOW-factor!! 💃🏻

"I especially loved the "insider scoop" about the photos and the services!"

 Denise Morrison - Transformational Health & Life Coach
The biggest mistakes female entrepreneurs make 
costing them clients and sales

Mistake #1: Thinking they need 'to wait'.  

Truth Bomb

There’s never a “perfect time”. You have a brand.  Are you in control of it?
While you continue to dabble or procrastinate on LinkedIn your competitors are going all in and thriving.

Mistake #2:  I’m going to see what I can do for free first…

Truth Bomb

Podcasts, webinars, articles - free 'generic' content will only take you so far.  
You've probably discovered that already.  There is no one size fits all approach. 

Mistake #3:  I don’t have time for another social networking platform.

Truth Bomb

No matter what you do for a living, LinkedIn is the best place to grow your brand. 

LinkedIn and social selling are a key part of the sales journey.  
Get willing to embrace and be ahead of the curve.

 “Jen is super helpful and answered all our questions.  I would highly recommend this course!"

 Angela Lyons - Freelance Graphic Designer

I perform an audit of my LinkedIn profile from top to bottom (30+ touch points).

Try thinking of your About section as a mini-landing page on LinkedIn.
You have 2,600 characters that you can use however you like … let’s make them count! 

Bonus: Maximise Your Profile 64-Point Checklist 

Print this off as you work through your profile so you know exactly where you’re at in your makeover.

This was a previous live workshop and you can hear the Q&A from the day. 

The beauty of a recording means you can do it in your own time!

 “One look at this checklist and I thought this is EXACTLY what I’ve been wanting for LinkedIn! 
I don’t need to watch more videos on YouTube.  Direct and concise - that’s my kind of resource!” 

 Kristen Westcott - Sales Page Copywriter
Hi, I’m Jen!  My mission is to help introverted, empathic and highly sensitive female coaches, consultants, and creatives to grow their business with qualified clients through LinkedIn.

I'm a LinkedIn Consultant and in the past 6+ years I’ve helped more than 700 female entrepreneurs to support their business goals.  I help female entrepreneurs get more confident on LinkedIn by teaching them how to super boost their LinkedIn profiles, make genuine connections and attract clients using my 4-stage PACT™ framework.

One of my core values is connection and I deeply believe that is the key to using LinkedIn to support your business growth. And that starts with the foundation: your profile.

"Jen offers so much sensible information on the do's & don't's of LinkedIn that saved me so much time!"

 Helen Monument - Trainer & Coach for Administrative Professionals

"There was loads of functionality that I wasn’t aware of.  Jen walked us through it step by step, explaining what each function was useful for and how to use it. Having time within the workshop to work on one thing and the opportunity to get Jen’s feedback was really useful."

 Sian Fisher - Personal Stylist

Frequently Asked Questions...
How long is the workshop replay for?
It's a 2.5 hour deep dive intensive. The time consists of training, Q&A and implementation.  
This was a previous live workshop and you can learn from the questions and answers.

This is a recorded workshop - Do I get any 1:1 time with you?
Yes, you can book in a complimentary LinkedIn Client Attraction call on my website.  I'll give you a bespoke action plan for your business AND give you 1 quick profile win for your profile.

What happens after I purchase?
You will get access to the private YouTube recording along with all the relevant links discussed in the session as well as the ability to download the profile checklist.  If you experience any problems with access email me at jennifer@mysuperconnector.co.uk

I’m a local service provider - how will LinkedIn help me? 
Your LinkedIn profile is your MOST important sales page. You’ll want to make sure it’s optimised and branded.

I'm not a female entrepreneur - can I still access the workshop?

Do I need a website before I take this workshop? 
Not at all. If you’re new to business and don’t have a website then your LinkedIn profile IS your website for now.

Is LinkedIn just a B2B platform? 
Absolutely not! While other platforms can be saturated, creatives can really get noticed on LinkedIn. And LinkedIn B2B users are also people outside of their business who need support in other areas of their lives 😉. Build a relationship and nurture them through your content and LinkedIn works for B2C as well! 

Will I receive an invoice?
You will get an email from Stripe confirming your purchase. I don't create invoices for online products.

"Jen has a deep understanding and empathy for how challenging some of us find 
showing up and promoting ourselves and our business."

 Sue Tappenden - Leadership & Personal Development Coach, Consultant & Mentor

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