The Essential Guide to Standing Out on LinkedIn
(inbound and outbound)

  • LinkedIn Blueprint for Niching & Attracting Ideal Clients
  • ​How to Create a Great First Impression with your Headshot, Headline & Banner
  • ​​How to Connect with Different Personality Types on LinkedIn 
  • ​Personalised Connection Request Templates
  • ​Bonus Webinar on How to Achieve 5-20k months on LinkedIn

Hear from some fab ladies who love the guide!

"This is a fantastic guide for anyone struggling with outreach on LinkedIn. Honing in on your niche is super powerful for ensuring you connect with the right people and the guidance Jen has provided in this guide is exactly what you need to get started. Straight forward, simple and easy to follow."

Dionne Smith - Personal Brand & Transformation Life Coach
"The hardest thing I found I had to discover when I started out was determining what problem I was giving the solution to - what's their pain.  This guide definitely helps.  I love the content, it's easy to understand with clear instructions and makes perfect sense." 

Helen Monument - Coach & Trainer for Business Support Professionals

"This guide feels intentional and strategic.  First you need to know what your niche is and look good on the outside and then Jen gives tips to identify different personality types and how to connect with each.  Jen's guide is a short, to the point tool that gives practical examples of how one can connect with the 4 different personality types she introduces."

Maria Arredondo - Mindset & Business Coach

Hi, I’m Jen!  I'm on a mission to help courageous female coaches, consultants, and creative service-based business owners like you to grow your business with qualified clients through LinkedIn.

As a LinkedIn Consultant, I've proudly supported over 700+ female entrepreneurs in the past 7 years, guiding them to realise their business dreams. 

My secret sauce? The transformative power of my proven 4-stage PACT™ framework, designed to super boost your LinkedIn success!  

At the heart of everything I do, lies a deep commitment to connection.  I firmly believe that genuine connections are the cornerstone of leveraging LinkedIn for business growth. 

Why listen to me?  I was voted the #1 Most Trusted Marketing Consultant in the UK by Enterprise Nation.

Let's clarify your messaging on LinkedIn so you stand out for the right reasons!

Frequently Asked Questions...
Who is this ebook guide for? 
This guide is for female coaches, consultants and creatives who are trying to get clients from LinkedIn. 

What are the tangible takeaways of this guide?
If you follow my advice, you'll be able to attract clients who understand what you do, why they should work with you and are delighted to buy from you.  You'll also learn how to reach out to different personality types so that you can build your network.

Do I need to have a Premium LinkedIn Account to get value from this guide?
This guide is suitable for everyone whether you're on the free version, premium or sales navigator.

Does it come with anything else?
Yes - you get free access to my webinar on how to make 5-20k months from LinkedIn.  This is what Erika had to say about the guide and bonus video training:

"Great steps about how to have a bigger presence on LinkedIn for introverted and social media shy entrepreneurs with a process that is clear and flexible. 

Jen's PACT™ framework is powerful, because it moves from a static avatar to action by thinking through who you are, what you are offering and how you use linkedIn for your content, and also mine the results by tracking and analyzing it and tweaking your strategy based on that. Thank you Jen!"

Will I receive an invoice or payment confirmation?
You will receive a payment notification email from Stripe once you book in.  

What if I can't pay via Stripe?
No problem - I can share a Thrivecart link with alternative options including PayPal.  Email me at and I'll get your guide to you asap!

Do you offer refunds?
No - I've spent years and 1000+ hours honing my LinkedIn social selling skills, so you don't have to.
This guide is telling you the essentials and will save you LOTS of time which is priceless.

How quickly can I expect to see results if I implement your advice?
If you follow my advice and take action, you can expect to see some good traction in 1-2 months. 

Still have questions? Email:

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