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Join this 8 week Online LinkedIn Training Programme
exclusive to Female Entrepreneurs
I can't wait to guide you from confused and unsure to confidently tooting your horn on LinkedIn and loving it!  

This 8 week programme is not about learning how to spend all day on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a tool and I want to help you to get the most out of it in an effective and timely way so that you can increase your productivity and profitability. Less is more!

Showing up authentically on LinkedIn has transformed my whole working life and I want it to do the same for you and your business.

Join to learn the secrets of getting LinkedIn working for your business without having to invest in paid ads and awkward cold outreach. 

The Academy is for you if…
  • ​You worry your profile is a bit haphazard and isn’t speaking to your target audience.
  • ​You’re just not getting enough enquiries and you’re attracting the wrong connections. 
  • ​You are embarrassed about what to say when you connect with new contacts and don't want to come across as too salesy.
  • ​You are time poor, not sure of where to start and are afraid of making mistakes.
  • ​You lack confidence, and waste too much time fretting over what others are posting.
  • ​Your content strategy equals the question What content strategy?
  • ​You know you’re not getting any ROI from LinkedIn but don’t know why.
  • ​You want to generate leads and be more visible, but are unsure how to stand out in a sea of competitors.
the linkedin thrive academy's mission
the fee academy's mission
the fee academy's mission
Let me start by telling you why I created the academy…

I’ve experienced what it feels like to transition from having virtually no network, no voice and being completely unknown to having massive visibility and generating opportunities on LinkedIn. 

How long have you been banging your head against the wall trying to get LinkedIn working for you? I know what it’s like to have a message you want to share, but struggle to sell your products and services. 

Building my personal and business brand on LinkedIn has transformed my life.

The LinkedIn Thrive Academy programme is based on the four PACT principles: Presence, Action, Connect and Thrive. 

Presence: So many business owners spend ages optimising their website at the expense of their LinkedIn profile, which is much more visible in Google. Don’t make the same mistake! You invest in a solid web presence on your website – but are you doing that in the very place where you are most visible?

Action: Make the most of LinkedIn with a clear strategy that plays to your strengths. There is no one size fits all approach to taking decisive action. Learn how to engage in a way that feels authentic to your personality and business goals.

Connect: No need to attempt mass campaigns to hook in thousands of lukewarm prospects. Leverage the power of real, honest one-to-one connection in a way that feels genuine.

Thrive: While others are struggling because they treat LinkedIn like a digital rat race, you can enjoy the most powerful networking platform in the world for the confidence, connections, and new clients it brings you.

What WE will cover..
Module 1 - Building Solid Foundations & Hidden Google Gold

In this introductory module, we start by taking a deep dive into your brand. What are people saying about you when you’re not in the room - and what can you do about that?

Did you know that your LinkedIn profile is likely to rank higher in Google than your own website? This is why you need to start thinking about how you can rank better on LinkedIn and treat it as a search engine. Don’t worry! 
This isn’t as techie as it sounds. I promise this is very doable. 

Keyword Research – AKA the best search terms to use. We will look at the best keyword research tools out there, as well as which keywords to choose. You will learn how to find, assess, and leverage highly targeted search phrases which have much less competition.

Settings – we will go under the hood of your profile and you will be able to make adjustments to your profile in real time to get both the front end and back end of LinkedIn working for you.

Module 2 - Polishing To Perfection 

In this second module our focus will be on polishing and optimising your LinkedIn profile and LinkedIn company page so that you can attract the right people to your business.  

By the end of the module you will have:

- An optimised profile which will show up in search results
- A boosted digital presence which will attract your target audience 
- Credibility with your ideal clients
- Confidence to reach out and network on LinkedIn

The number one rule of digital marketing is that a confused mind will always say no.  Let’s get people saying yes when they come across your profile and company page! 

Module 3 - Your Strategy For Success

This module’s all about creating your LinkedIn strategy for success.

What the self-styled marketing ‘gurus’ never tell you is that there is more to success on LinkedIn than mass content campaigns and copy/paste DMs.

My unique C.H.A.T messaging process will set you apart from everyone else. No more Oh-look-you’re-in-a-sales-sequence tactics. 

I will give you impactful ways to personalise your connection requests so that they are accepted EVERY TIME!

I will teach you how to talk to the different personality types so that you can create invaluable rapport! I'll also break down how to talk to B2C and B2B clients when doing outreach as you will need two different approaches. 

We will explore the three ways to truly network on this platform:
the home feed, unique messaging and in groups.

I’ll help you figure out the best strategy that works for you! 

Module 4 - Content Creation Clarity

Now everything’s starting to come together, it’s time to dispel the content creation myths that may be costing you precious time and money. 
Instead, let’s focus on what works best.

Do you struggle with writing copy and what to post on LinkedIn?
I have an amazing FREE resource to share which will do the leg work for you!

Do you struggle creating unique graphics, videos or PDFs?
I can share what has worked for me. 

I will give you my hidden-in-plain-sight content creation strategy that is both easy AND positions you as a real authority in your industry.   

You will know exactly what to say to build connection with your audience.

Are you tearing your hair out with the ever-changing algorithm?
I’ll share some top tips and hacks which will save you time and effort and mean that your content is being shown to the right people at the right time.

We will also explore Search – this is the other side of the keyword research coin: the most effective way to find connections.

Time to put yourself in the driving seat and learn how to use the LinkedIn Search Bar so that it becomes second nature to you like the Google one!


What You Get:
Bi-Weekly LinkedIn Clinics - 4 x 90 minute calls!

We will have a LinkedIn clinic session every 2nd week.

During the calls I will answer any niggling questions you may have about LinkedIn.  These calls are also a great opportunity to learn from everyone in the academy!

These sessions will be recorded for anyone who can't attend live.

VALUE £3,750
Bi-Weekly Implementation Sessions 

How many courses and programmes have you wasted money on because you never got around to putting the teachings into action? I know that I'm certainly guilty of this. 
Each module in the programme will be followed by an implementation week  (4 in total) to ensure you take consistent action. If you are easily distracted these calls will be invaluable!

VALUE £2,000
Full membership access with all the trainings and prompts you need to take your business to the next level on LinkedIn!

value £2,500
You will have access to a Private LinkedIn Group helping you to keep momentum around the group calls with accountability threads.

Weekly Live Mindset and Motivational and Momentum Sessions - Because most of the reason people don't complete courses is all in the mind, I will be there for you live weekly in our group to give you a session to reprogram your mind, get you motivated and into action!!
VALUE £3500
Community - Small private group, with accountability threads, live sessions, chance you to ask questions, get to know your fellow Academy sisters and support each other. (I’m also looking to do a meet up brunch…) 
check out these extra bonuses!
Who doesn't love a bit of a declutter! Discover how to Marie Kondo your home feed so you’re only seeing relevant and interesting content. 

Now every time you log in, you will be inspired to comment and engage with the amazing content you’re seeing - making you look like the expert and thought leader that you are!

I will also show you how to make the most of your inbox so that you don’t miss out on any important messages.

Value £250

LinkedIn Tech Support

I will be making additional 'over the shoulder' videos for you all based on your questions in the LinkedIn Group and Group Calls. 

Value £500
alignment coach karen baines
Energetic money alignment - 
7 steps to open your income receiving channels.
copywriting queen suzi hoare
5 Ways to Create On- Brand Cultivating Copy that Turns Browsers in Buyers
The total value you are getting is 
Pay in full
Monthly payment plan
2 x £975**
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
The programme is at this price at this time only and will be going up after this launch! Included is a 14 Day Money Back guarantee should the programme not meet your needs or you change your mind in the meantime!

The waiting is at an end, and the right guidance, strategies and support are finally here to help you to change the course of your business and life forever.  
Why work with me?
Hi, my name is Jennifer Corcoran and I've been networking for 20 years. 
My mission is to help people just like you toot your horn on LinkedIn.

I’m known as the Super Connector and I help female coaches, consultants & trainers attract their ideal client to reach that next level of revenue without having to pay for ads or do awkward cold outreach using my 4-stage *PACT framework.

One of the UK’s most successful LinkedIn trainers, I’ve helped thousands of people just like you thrive through my online courses, consulting, workshops, group programmes and talks.  

I've hit the no 1 spot on #LinkedInROCKSTARS which is a global ranking of peers.  I’m a Pitman accredited LinkedIn trainer and I have been voted the number 1 trusted marketing adviser in the UK by Enterprise Nation. My happy clients include LinkedIn, Amazon, BT and London South Bank University.

Some random facts about me:

Originally from Dublin, I live in Devon, England by the sea with my husband Mike.  

I'm a chatty, connection focused introvert, eldest of 4, Capricorn, oat latte and travel lover.  I'm a huge advocate of mental health.  A lot of people get stressed out by social media and I want to help you feel cool, calm and collected.  

I'm a tv and film nerd.  I love a good boxset.  Anything from Game of Thrones to Line of Duty! The first film I fell in love with was Excalibur. 

If you want a mentor / trainer that is 100% committed, is qualified, gets results and will make you feel like you can achieve anything and will motivate you to bring the best out of you - I'm your woman!  

*Presence - Action - Connect - Thrive

So how are you feeling right now..? Are you excited? 

10 No-Brainer Reasons to join the LinkedIn Thrive Academy 
  • Commitment
  • Accountability
  • Motivation
  • ​Personalised guidance and training
  • ​Implementation
  • ​Community
  • ​Empowerment
  • ​Support
  • ​Increased Lead Opportunities
  • ​Return on your efforts

I totally get that it can be terrifying trying something new and investing in yourself and your business can be daunting.  I recently invested several thousand pounds in a group programme and it was so worth it!  100s of my clients have made the leap and invested in themselves. Check out some successes / stories below and you can see that they were once in the same position as you!

Meet some of my amazing clients

Dionne landed 3 new clients and tripled her revenue after working with me!  

“As a brand consultant, ironically the one thing you usually neglect is your own brand! Being so client focused, I was totally engrossed in supporting my clients to look and sound their best online and feel confident in themselves and their services, I totally forgot that I need to do the same for myself. I thought my LinkedIn Profile looked ok before I worked with Jennifer and then I realised how much I was missing out on!”


As a personal brand coach and business brand consultant, Dionne’s experience stems from working with large corporate firms to SMEs and start-ups. In the last few years, she’s honed her business skills to supporting service based entrepreneurs to develop a unique and authentic personal brand that is aligned to how they build their business and support their clients by using their story to pull out all the skills and attributes they have acquired, but didn’t realise they could use in their business.

How My Super Connector Helped:

The tailored advice on a strategy I provided for building her network and introducing her to people who she can easily collaborate with in the future, has enabled her to follow through with a plan for developing her personal brand on the platform and delivering content which gets her noticed with her ideal audience.

In Dionne’s own words:

"Jennifer is kind, warm, professional and goes above and beyond what you would expect of her. There are many LinkedIn professionals out there who are very technical about how to use the platform, but Jennifer is the ‘human’ face of LinkedIn. She’s personable and takes you through things in a jargon free, simplistic way that not only means you see exactly how to make your profile look amazing, but that it’s not as scary as you may think it is. Since working with Jennifer I've increased visibility and confidence in reaching out to connections and showcasing my services.  I've landed 3 new clients from sharing new video content and tripled my revenue!"

dionne smith
brand consultant / coach,
Dps consultancy

Within a month Clare had made the money back she had invested through new business and connections on LinkedIn and is continuing to thrive!

Clare is a specialist physiotherapist who runs several London-based practices. She was keen to build her social media platforms but had limited time and was unsure how to go about this. With unclear results from her previous efforts she was inconsistent in her approach. 

Clare was keen to network and build referral pathways to support her work in ergonomics and workplace health but felt disheartened by a poor result with LinkedIn so far. After a recommendation from someone in her network she called me for advice on what to do.

How My Super Connector helped:

Clare really took my suggestions on-board, and I was delighted when she bit the bullet and added a video to her profile. With a stronger sense of confidence in her profile, she’s connecting, posting and engaging with real skill and seeing very positive results as a result.

Clare is already seeing strong results including:

- New business thanks to the new referral pathways she’s built after engaging with others in her network and groups on LinkedIn.

- New revenue streams. She’s met with ergonomics companies after connecting with them on LinkedIn and discussed clinical issues and potential distribution opportunities with them.

- New private sector partnerships after connecting with past colleagues she’d lost touch with.

Clare is really pleased with the results:

“The personalised information Jennifer has given me to improve the profile has been spot on and she has taught me how to use LinkedIn properly so I can now continue to build my network. Jennifer has been very professional, responsive and empathetic to my lack of knowledge. No question too silly! I have already made back the money I spent within 1 month through new business and connections!"

clare henson bowen
specialist physiotherapist,
bespoke wellbeing
laura sands

“LinkedIn has become an invaluable part of my business to the extent that I now can’t imagine working without it."

Laura used LinkedIn sporadically and passively, limiting her engagement to accepting connection requests and occasionally liking a post. Uncomfortable with looking ‘pushy’, she stayed away from posting on LinkedIn and avoided commenting on posts. She was keen to understand how to use LinkedIn to grow her business and is thrilled with her results.

"Wow! After struggling with LinkedIn for some time, I thought it might be time to get professional help. I called on Jennifer for a LinkedIn review, hoping she’d be able to give me a few tips to improve my LinkedIn results with as little pain as possible. What Jennifer delivered was well beyond my expectations. 

Jennifer’s advice is tactful, well-presented and very results-driven. Her natural desire to help shines through in the advice she provides; I really felt Jennifer was keen for me to thrive, and that I wasn’t just “another client”. A blend of old-fashioned common-sense mixed in with some really whizzy techniques means I have an enormous list to start working through, and a far better understanding of how to make LinkedIn work for me. Thank you Jennifer."

Laura adopted the changes I recommended and has seen a huge leap in her enjoyment of the platform. With a larger and more interesting network, both of other copywriters as well as potential future clients, she’s more confident in her presence, regularly commenting, posting and publishing LinkedIn posts. Her success has startled her with brilliant levels of engagement on some posts, helping grow her confidence and improve her presence. Her improved presence has also meant potential clients are now reaching out to her via LinkedIn as a direct result of her LinkedIn involvement.

The two clear benefits for Melissa have been generating leads and reconnecting with long lost colleagues!

Melissa is a marketing consultant with an extensive background in Entertainment marketing. She decided upon an epic life change, escaped to Ibiza with the family and launched White Camino. A fresh lean marketing agency set up to support challenger brands, charities and social enterprises. Launching just before lockdown she spent the majority of her time creating the web presence, delivering projects and ended up neglecting her LinkedIn profile.

How I helped:

Reviewing Melissa’s LinkedIn profile and activity gave me plenty of ideas that she could easily put into practice. I gave her advice on adapting her profile and personal statement for a sharper, more focused position within LinkedIn, and also suggested ways for her to build a network that’s more relevant to her needs and interests. 

In Melissa’s own words:

“To be brutally honest, I had been avoiding getting truly stuck in to LinkedIn until I met Jennifer at a conference we were both speaking at. Her energy and enthusiasm encouraged me to give it a try and I am now a convert.  Before working with Jennifer, I had used LinkedIn as the platform for trade PR announcements and job hunting.  I was keen to reappraise it after becoming firstly freelance, then a founder. 

Fellow founders warned me off advertising on the platform and paying for the premium service. Understanding that other social media platforms are pay to play, I was sceptical about how much I could do organically.  LinkedIn is now part of my work day routine which means it's no longer a chore and something I have reframed as a genuinely useful resource.  I am also finding more relevant white papers, reports and events as the algorithm has kicked in now.   

I've increased confidence that my profile looks good, so when connecting I feel more professional and happy that my profile represents exactly what I do and my values.  I'm connected with the right people (not just within my profession, but other influencers on LinkedIn).

Melissa fretwell
marketing consultant, 
white camino

So are you ready to say YES and get off the fence?

Yes to investing in your business? 
Yes to consistently attracting your ideal client with ease? 
Yes to being in flow and taking committed action!

Because if you've got this far I have a feeling you are
more than ready…
I wanted to leave you with this…

If you want to increase conversions and increase your profits, a great LinkedIn profile and strategy is the way to go. This framework is proven to help you do just that.

Did you know that it takes 60+ days to create a habit? Let’s get you loving LinkedIn and using it with confidence and clarity while attracting and serving your ideal client.   

If you’re a coach, consultant, trainer, or service-based entrepreneur, you owe it to yourself to take a risk-free plunge to see what leveraging LinkedIn can offer your business. 

“In order for connection to happen, we have to allow ourselves to be seen, really seen.” 
Brené Brown 

It’s now up to you to take the next step…

Pay in full 
MONTHLY Payment Plan
 2 x £975**  
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
When does the Academy start and how long is it for?
The Academy will start on Monday 28th June.  So be quick! There are only 20 spots available and when they're gone they're gone and I will shut this page and open up the next waiting list. The Academy will run for 8 weeks in total.  Each module will be released every 2 weeks.  We will have a group clinic call one week followed by a implementation call on rotation.  

How do I sign up? 
You can book directly via this page to secure your space or book a 15 minute call with me so we can check it's the right fit for you.

**How do I avail of the payment plan?
Please book in a call with me:

What format is the programme? Can I study at my own pace? 
All members of the LinkedIn Thrive Academy will get access to an online membership portal with your own private login and password where you can access training and do it at your own pace. The modules and bonuses will be released on a weekly basis so that you can take this at a slow and steady pace and avoid overwhelm.  
Every week we will have a 90-minute live group call on Zoom. One week will be a live clinic followed by a live implementation session on rotation.  
In addition to the live calls, we have a private LinkedIn Group to keep up momentum and we will also have a group LinkedIn message to stay in touch.

When are the live calls with you and what if I can't attend?
The group calls will take place every Thursday at 12 midday. If you miss the weekly calls no problem – they will be recorded and shared in the private LinkedIn Group.   
You can submit your questions in advance on the weekly Q&A thread, so you don’t miss out!

Do I have to sign up for any LinkedIn Premium account?
Nope! I don’t have a Premium account and everything in this programme is based on organic reach. Save your money!

Do I have to have a lot of LinkedIn connections already?
Nope! I will show you how to build a quality network from scratch and scale your existing connections.

How quickly will I see results?
If you’re willing to invest time and stay consistent and focused, there is no reason why you shouldn’t see results within a few weeks or months. 
Just think how good your LinkedIn game will be after dedicating 2 months to it!

What do I do if I have questions?
Email and I will personally answer any of your questions. If you are sure you want to join and would like to speak to me personally please book a call as spaces will be limited to 20 ladies. 

How much time do I need to dedicate to the programme?
To get the most out of the programme I would recommend 3-5 hours in total each week. This time frame includes the 90-minute weekly group call.

Is there a refund policy?
There is a 14 Day Money Back guarantee if you are not happy with the LinkedIn Thrive Academy. 

What if I want to work with you on a 1:1 basis?
You can book in for a strategy session with me. I will be offering all members of the academy a reduced rate on 1:1 mentoring. 

Closing note:

There has never been a better time to get LinkedIn working for you! 

Jennifer x 

You can learn more about me and read some of my clients testimonials here 

P.S. You can get access to the LinkedIn Thrive Academy along with the amazing bonuses for a bargain at £1,950! (value £9,000)

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