Build a Pipeline of Leads on LinkedIn without selling your soul and spending 12 hours a day on it! 

(this is for female coaches, consultants & creatives who want a simple lead generation system

The Secret to Getting Clients On LinkedIn

(without spending your whole life creating content, expensive ads or spammy cold DM’s)

– Perfect for Female Coaches, Consultants 
and Service Providers 

LinkedIn Thrive Academy is a 30 day 1:1 high touch program for female coaches, consultants and creatives who want to win clients on LinkedIn without selling their soul with awkward cold outreach, posting endless selfies or sounding desperate in spammy DMs.

It is possible to get clients using LinkedIn in as little as 30 minutes a day, no matter who your ideal client is, what your niche or how professional you are…. 
...without creating endless reams of content or having to spend your limited marketing budget on paid ads to get your posts seen.  

LinkedIn works.  You don't need to pay for reach.  It's having a bit of a reinvention and is THE place to be to grow your personal brand and business.

I know what it's like to run a business and wear 17 hats. If you're tired of juggling your time between delivering your services for your clients and chasing down the next client, you need a LinkedIn lead funnel.  And this is that system.  I only wish I had it when I started on LinkedIn in 2011.

If you want an elegant approach to generating leads and staying true to your brand read on...

This is for you if:

  • ​​You’re a brave empathetic, introverted, or highly sensitive female entrepreneur who wants to attract clients on LinkedIn on your own terms
  • You’re clear on your offer, niche and ideal client
  • You want to discover an approach to LinkedIn that aligns with your personality and energy
  • You’re committed to making LinkedIn your primary social media platform for getting clients
  • You’re ready to do the work and be consistent in order to see results

This is not for you if:

  • You only want to “try LinkedIn out” and still spend most of your time on other platforms (that doesn’t work)
  • You’re looking for a silver bullet to get clients tomorrow with little to no work on your part (they don’t exist)
  • ​​You’ve just started your business and are still struggling to work out what you want to sell and who you want to sell it to
Are you feeling like this?
  • You don't know how to find, build and grow connections. 
  • ​You're not sure how to create leads once a connection is made.
  • ​You're not sure what to focus on and where to put your attention and best efforts.
  • ​You want to engage on content but feel like you've nothing to add to the conversation.
  • ​​You worry your content is not impactful and fear coming across as 'salesy', vague or too personal.
  • ​You feel like your content is not attracting your ideal audience - you're getting little to no engagement.
  • ​You're posting consistently and getting engagement but don't know how to translate this to money in the bank.

If LinkedIn is where you want to be, let's get you results in 30 days or less!


LinkedIn Thrive Academy

A 30 day 1:1 program for female coaches, consultants and trainers wanting a steady stream of quality leads on LinkedIn

What's Included In Thrive Academy

  • ​​1:1 Support - Unlike group coaching programs, you get 4 x 1:1 zoom strategy sessions where we'll optimise your profile / page, content / networking strategy and tracking / follow up.  
  • ​Training Hub Access - Get full access for the lifetime of the program with all the trainings and templates / resources you need to take your business to the next level on LinkedIn. 
  • ​ Voxer Support - You get me on Voxer (Monday to Friday) in between our zoom 1:1 calls to keep you fully accountable and moving forward!    
"Jennifer is kind, warm, professional and goes above and beyond. There are many LinkedIn professionals out there who are 
very technical about how to use the platform, 

...but Jennifer is the ‘human’ face of LinkedIn. 

She’s personable and takes you through things in a jargon-free, simplistic way that not only means you see exactly how to make your profile look amazing but that it’s not as scary as you may think it is.”  

– Dionne Smith
Thrive Academy Student Spotlight

Dionne, a brand consultant and coach, landed 2 new long-term clients and tripled her revenue in 8 weeks! 

“If you’re looking to increase your personal brand visibility on LinkedIn, grow your business and make really good relationships, Jen truly is the Super Connector.  

She’s personable and takes you through things in a jargon-free, simplistic way that not only means you see exactly how to make your profile look amazing but that it’s not as scary as you may think it is. 

She will guide you step-by-step and give you a whole content plan to follow, which makes things easy and saves a lot of time. 

The LinkedIn Thrive Academy gives you all the tools you need and so much more to shine on LinkedIn.”

Hi, I’m Jen.

Known as “The Super Connector,” I’m one of the UK’s most successful LinkedIn trainers.
In 2013 I slipped a disc in my back and couldn't work anymore.   I didn't have any time to waste and had to get serious pretty quickly to generate an income.  I learned how to use LinkedIn as a tool to open up new doors, create connections, make leads and drive business growth.

And now, I help female coaches, consultants and trainers attract and connect with their ideal clients to reach that next level of revenue without having to resort to paid ads or awkward cold outreach.

Using the PACT strategy I've developed over the past 6 years, the LinkedIn Thrive Academy is ideal for empathetic, introverted and sensitive female entrepreneurs who want to use LinkedIn on their own terms.  No more cold calling. No more cold DMs.  

We'll jump in the pool together for 30 days and splash around a bit until the DMs and leads become easier and more natural for you.  

If you're fed up of feeling like a freelancer and chasing leads, this program is for you.  

Together we'll build a really strong pipeline for you which will set you up for months and years to come. 

 “Thrive Academy includes all of the knowledge that you really need to grow your business on LinkedIn, delivered in a way that’s extremely 
in-depth yet easy-to-understand.

It doesn’t just teach you what to do, 
but how to do things right

— all in a way that deepens your interactions and your results. Jen is THE person to go to to learn about LinkedIn.”

– Jane Phillips

The Pact Strategy

In the LinkedIn Thrive Academy, you’ll learn and leverage my PACT strategy to increase your revenue, visibility and brand awareness using LinkedIn.


Optimise your LinkedIn Presence (profile and company page) from the ground up so that you start attracting the right people.  The focus is on establishing your expertise with Authority Marketing so that you're always the top choice! 


Make the most of LinkedIn with a clear and aligned strategy that plays to your strengths. There is no one size fits all.  Aligned and intentional action will flow and feel easy & fun.


Leverage the power of real, honest one-to-one connection in a way that feels genuine and human. Whether it's through content on the home feed or in groups, via comments or personalised DMs - you need to build and nurture human relationships to tap into the magic of LinkedIn. 


While others are 'dabbling' on LinkedIn and struggling to gain traction, you’ll be thriving on the most powerful networking and #1 personal branding platform in the world for the confidence, connections, and new clients it brings you. You can't leverage LinkedIn or improve if you're not tracking. 

LinkedIn Thrive Academy Modules

The Secrets of LinkedIn Marketing 

Discover exactly how you can use LinkedIn as part of your monthly lead generation strategy and how to set yourself apart from the dozens of people who do what you do.

With 900+ million members, LinkedIn is having a bit of a reinvention and is THE place to be to grow your personal brand and business.

Super Boost Your LinkedIn Profile Optimise Your Company Page

Do you struggle with tooting your horn? Is your profile dull, boring and generic? Does it even feel like you?

After helping hundreds of female business owners to establish their expertise, I know exactly what is going to help you stand out online, be magnetic and attract clients.

Let’s set you apart from the sea of faces on LinkedIn by using your profile and page to its fullest potential! 

How to Network like a Pro including Connection Scripts

Are you connecting with people and then inconsistent or hesitant with following up for fear of ‘cold selling’ – even though you know you have something special to offer.  Getting to know people is actually the best part.  

If you're feeling stuck, my scripts will help take the 'ick' and sweaty palms out of networking on LinkedIn. You'll learn how to create a system you can use month after month to create a consistent stream of clients.

LinkedIn Content That Converts

Are you posting ad hoc with no strategy or intention behind it?  Maybe you've stopped posting as you've lost all confidence.  Perhaps you're posting daily but don't interact enough with other people on LinkedIn.  Or you've been posting, engaging with people, answering questions in groups and are getting nowhere fast.

Learn about my copywriting secret weapon so you can write posts in half the time and get double the engagement from them.  Sounds good eh! 

Tech Tools, Sexy Settings & 
Your Social Selling Strategy

I share my favourite tech tools for LinkedIn and we explore the algorithm, using search, your profile back end settings and your company page analytics to maximise reach.

We put together your unique social selling strategy which you can then rinse and repeat month after month to attract consistent leads for your business.   

My Authority Marketing System will ensure that you're always the top choice! 
 “Thrive Academy is a fabulous opportunity to learn about
 LinkedIn in a very safe environment. 

You can ask all of your questions and never feel silly.

 Jen is a fabulous teacher and she goes above and beyond to deliver value.  I've already recommended the program to several people.

– Pauline Egan

And that's not even everything...

LinkedIn Thrive Academy Bonuses

These are not random 'filler' bonuses - I know you are time strapped! 

How much time are you wasting on your home feed falling down rabbit holes?  

This will help you declutter your feed so you’re seeing relevant content which moves your business forward. Yes, you can actually do this on LinkedIn! 

You'll be inspired to comment and engage with the content you’re seeing - making you look like the expert and thought leader that you are! You’ll also learn how to make the most of your inbox so that you don’t miss important messages.
Think you always have to have original content?
No! Repurposing content is the smart move. 

Check out the 50 Ways to Repurpose LinkedIn Content Guide.
Are you tearing your hair out when it comes to content ideas for your LinkedIn Company Page? How does it differ from your personal profile?

This guide will really help you going forward saving you time, energy & money.
Are you in Business and Leadership? Maybe Marketing and Sales? 
Or Perhaps Health and Wellness? Each of these industries have tangible and intangible outcomes you can shout about to attract your ideal client on LinkedIn.  
Remember people don't pay you for your process, they pay for results! 
I'm very excited to offer you a personalised human design reading which will help you get the most out of LinkedIn content and social selling as a Generator, Manifestor, Manifesting Generator, Projector or Reflector.  

The first step to success on LinkedIn is knowing who you are and what feels right for you so that you can implement the strategy. 

Wesley Reece - Intuitive Business Coach

"LinkedIn was this big animal I had to tackle but I knew it was where I needed to be and that I was under utilising it. Jen pointed out some opportunities in the first 1:1 on profile which were mind blowing."

Pauline Egan - Business Growth Coach 

"I was on LinkedIn for 15 years but never posted anything.  I found LinkedIn daunting.  Jen's encouragement and empowerment helped me to be my authentic self and my business has thrived."

Toby Myles - Email Copywriting Expert⠀

"I thought I was doing pretty ok on LinkedIn with my profile and content but Jen's training has helped me see where I can improve and take things to the next level.  Her Thrive Academy is a game changer."

Sabine Schwartz - Business Coach & RTT Hypnosis⠀

"I've gained so many new connections and clients since working with Jen.  I was overwhelmed and Jen helped me to revamp my bio and create a company page and now I'm really confident."

Dionne Smith - Brand Consultant & Business Coach

"If you're thinking about how to use LinkedIn more effectively to generate more leads, to grow your network, to build your personal and business profile, this is definitely the right academy for you."

Kerry Dobson - Group Program Expert

"Jen has changed my relationship with LinkedIn.  I was feeling drained and I now I have this personalised strategy that makes sense for me and the people I'm trying talk to, work with and collaborate with."

Are you ready for this?

  • ​​YES to attracting and finding ideal clients (individual & corporate)
  • ​YES to using your time efficiently to network & grow your pipeline of leads
  • ​YES to a LinkedIn marketing plan that is easy for you to commit to
  • ​YES to converting content into conversations and working with your ideal clients
  • ​YES to growing your business and hitting that next revenue goal 
  • ​YES to strategic relationships & partnerships that set you up for long-term growth
  • ​YES to feeling confident and in flow versus feeling boring, spammy or salesy
  • ​YES to never having to go back to paid employment
  • ​YES to attracting ideal clients with ease versus feeling burned out 
  • ​YES to operating at a higher frequency - time to step into the future you!
Questions your fellow 
female entrepreneurs asked me
What 1:1 work will we be doing together?
Unlike group coaching programs, you get 4 x 1:1 zoom strategy sessions where we'll optimise your profile / page, content / networking strategy and tracking / follow up. We'll go over any questions you have about using LinkedIn to your advantage.   

You get me on Voxer in between calls (Monday to Friday working hours) to keep you fully accountable and moving forward! You'll feel encouraged and supported with regular check-ins and reminders / nudges. I will give you concrete suggestions to implement versus vague recommendations where you have to figure things out for yourself! 

I'm a busy business owner, and I'm already stretched for time. How much time do I need to dedicate to the LinkedIn Thrive Academy program? 
You can access the portal content on your own schedule.  We'll schedule our weekly 1:1 calls at your convenience.  I help you create a system of inbound leads (with only 90 minutes a week) while staying true to your brand without zapping your time and energy.  Time to say goodbye to feeling burned out and emotionally drained and Hello to feeling aligned, confident and in flow!
I'm not in the position to invest in paid advertising campaigns, will this program show me how to market organically to find qualified clients?
LinkedIn works.  You don't need to advertise on it.  I specialise in organic reach. 
Do I have to have a lot of LinkedIn connections already?
Nope! I will show you how to build a quality network from scratch and scale your existing connections.  I recently worked with Lori who had only 40 connections and converted 2 of them!
Do I have to sign up for a LinkedIn Premium account?
Nope! Everything in this program is based on organic reach.  If you have a Premium Account I can show you how to make the most out of it but it's not a pre-requisite. 
How quickly will I see results? Can you guarantee my success or results?
I help you prioritise activities that get you the biggest return on investment. If you’re willing to invest 30 minutes a day on LinkedIn and remain consistent and focused, you'll see results within a few months. I'll help you feel empowered to take aligned action to move the needle for your business.

What happens after the 30 days? Can I still access the video training?
Yes, you will have unlimited access to the training videos and materials for the lifetime of the program.  I will let you know when I've upgraded the training or added new resources.

What do I do if I still have questions?
I want to make sure that this is the right investment for you and your business.  Email and I'll answer all your questions and am happy to hop on a call!  Let's see if we're the right energetic match and fit for each other.

My clients will tell you that I can help with anything sales / marketing related so you're getting a LinkedIn Consultant / Business Advisor rolled into one.  I've won the title of the #1 Trusted Marketing Advisor in the UK and will happily share resources which I think will help you scale alongside LinkedIn! 

Can I get my money back if I don’t feel like this is right for me?
Yes, there is a 14-Day Money Back Guarantee if you are not happy with the LinkedIn Thrive Academy. This program is for brave introverted, empathic and sensitive female business owners who are ready to gain control over the volume of leads and sales they book. 

Are you ready to finally take control over your lead sourcing so you can book predictable sales? 

Let's take you from Brave, to Bold to Badass!

Jen x

 “I had the pleasure of working with Jen to set up my LinkedIn account, and it was an incredible experience!   

 Even before my plan was up, I had already achieved a 5x ROI on my investment - 
which was exciting.

I would highly recommend Jen and her services.  She gives her all, sharing her expertise and going the extra mile to meet you exactly where you are in your journey. Her brilliance is unmatched, and working with her was an absolute delight. I can't thank her enough for the fantastic results she helped me achieve." 

– Lori Hastings

It’s time to do LinkedIn differently with…

LinkedIn Thrive Academy

A 30 day online 1:1 program for coaches, consultants, and trainers who want to increase 
visibility and revenue using LinkedIn.

What's Included In Thrive Academy
  • ​4 x 1:1 Zoom Calls to fast track your lead generation (Value £3,250)
  • ​5 x LinkedIn Training Modules (Value £3,000)
  • ​Monday to Friday Voxer Access (Value £2,000)
  • ​Bonus: Human Design Reading (Value £350)
  • ​Bonus: 50 Ways to Repurpose LinkedIn Content (Value £350)
  • ​Bonus: 31 Daily Content Ideas for Your Company Page (Value £350)
  • ​Bonus: Which Results to Shout About on LinkedIn (Value £350)
  • ​Bonus: Marie Kondo Your Home Feed (Value £350)

Total Value £10,000!!!

Today's Price 

VIP Access to LinkedIn Thrive Academy £6,000


Payment Plan (£2,100 x 3 months) = £6,300

 “Before I joined Jen's Academy, I had no idea how to optimise LinkedIn to grow my business at all. My LI profile was basic and not doing me any favours and I didn't really 'get it'. 

Since working with Jen, I can honestly say it is now my favourite social site! I have learnt about content, and about nurturing leads but in a way that doesn't feel salesy and yucky to me and Jen really understood that, which was so important. 

During the 1-2-1's with Jen she was totally brilliant and what she doesn't know about LinkedIn and social selling isn't worth knowing. 

 Jen helped me with content ideas and always went the extra mile to help me out. This has helped with my confidence and I am now growing my business on this platform in a way that feels authentic to me."

– Steph Stevens
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